Gigantic waves traveling across the open ocean have long fascinated men. Some people considered it as a serious sport, while for others, it’s just a way to let loose. So despite what ordinary people think about this sport, the fact remained that surfing has a richer history and deeper meaning than many realize.

Santa Cruz just happens to have some of the best surfing locations in the United States, so it’s easy to tell why so many surfing enthusiasts are coming up here and spend most of their time.

Santa Cruz Surfing Culture

Being surrounded by majestic forests, fantastic scenery and great surf, Santa Cruz becomes a suitable place where adventurous people can freely express themselves without limits.

Dubbed as the “Surf City” and named by National Geographic as one of World’s 20 Best Surf Towns, you’ll definitely be interested about the surfing culture in Santa Cruz California.

People call it a surf city as Santa Cruz waves accommodate all types and skill levels of surfers, whether they are in the coaching stage, catching unbroken waves, can consistently catch high waves or performing committed maneuvers.

So why surfing is so big in such a small city?

It all started in 1885, when three Hawaiian princes named Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana’ole, David Kawananakoa and Edward Keliiahonui introduced this iconic sport.

Thanks to Jack O’Neill, a surfer and legend of the town who invented the wetsuit in 1950 which became famous in Santa Cruz and many other cities, allowing pro and newbie surfers to keep up with the notoriously chilly waters and remain on the water for a long period of time.

In 1971, Jack’s son Pat invented the surfboard leash, which, unfortunately, was the reason why Jack lost his eye while testing the leash.

Santa Cruz nature is so powerful. The amazing sunsets, cliffs and canyons, ocean and waves are an absolute must-see. Visit its iconic beaches to witness surfer spirits with their calm attitudes as they glide across the gigantic waves of SC.