The most popular apps and sites for ladyboy dating in the capital city of the Philippines are Pina Love, Filipino Cupid, and My Ladyboy Date. While it’s a good idea to take advantage of the convenience these offer, this article is about going out and hooking up. Here are some hot spots where you can meet trans singles in Manila.

Generally, it’s safe to be out and about even with someone who is visibly trans because the Philippines is tolerant of the trans community. If you’ve already met someone and you’re dating, you can go to the mall, see a movie, or enjoy a walk in the park. These are all easy ways to minimize dating anxiety.

The Filipino capital has no ladyboy bars per se, which is about to change very soon because interest in dating members of the community is constantly increasing. There is a growing number of US expats in Manila, some of whom are very interested or have already become involved in trans dating.

We’ll let you know if something changes in the ladyboy bar department. In the meantime, you can meet plenty at regular bars. There are some places on P Burgos Street. Taking a stroll down to the capital’s red-light district the Makati is the easiest way to hook up. If you don’t speak the language, take someone with you, ideally a local. Ladyboys frequent the Exclusive nightclub there. Most of the girls you meet will not be looking for a serious relationship.

Among the trans-friendly bars in Manila are Siren and Hiya. They are both located near the beach. In the evening, there are gay, trans, and drag shows to watch and music to dance to. The clubs don’t have websites, only Facebook pages. The Amazing Show in Cebu is a theater with trans shows.

If you’re not a night owl, you’ll find the warm, trans-friendly Boho Sarapsody Bistro a nice destination. A lot of local ladyboys come here to drink, eat, listen to music, socialize, and meet people.

The trans community is quickly becoming mainstream in Manila and other large cities. There are pride marches in the capital every year, which draw huge crowds. Trans people generally feel safe dating in Manila, and there is little risk for their partners.

On a final note, you can drop by the Pineapple Lab in Barangay Poblacion, which hosts workshops, visual art galleries, monthly events, performances, and gatherings for foreigners and locals.