Why Your Explainer Video is Not Working for You

Why Your Explainer Video is Not Working for You

The past few years have seen explainer videos being overrated. It is because of the many advantages these short animation explainer videos do to your website. Are Not only large companies using them to explain to their audience what they do but also small businesses are not left behind in using them. These videos are easy to create and also cost effective especially for startups. However, the problem starts when you realize that they are not as effective on your site as you thought. They can cease to be effective for various reasons as you will see. Therefore, if you’re planning to make your next explainer video for your business try to avoid the following errors;

1.    Lacking a story

Avoid redundant explainer videos on your site. Be sure to tell your audience a story since it is through the story that your products and services will remain memorable. Stories help your audience to establish a passionate connection with your products and services. It is only through a story that there are brands which dominate others in the same industry.

2.    Not entertaining

Avoid dragging out your explainer video for too long. Throw in some form of humor to make it entertaining lest your viewers will lose the attention of what you are saying or jump to your competitors’ websites. To avoid being boring, let your message be as short as possible. Also ensure your video is 60 to 90 seconds maximum and finally, use less than 150 words per minute. If you put these points into consideration, you will most likely reap the benefits of your explainer video.

3.    Belittled voice-overs

When merchants use robotics software to speak, a different language thinks they have achieved, but this is a bad idea. Only use native professional voiceovers when you are recording the audios for your videos. Anything that can reduce the quality of your video such as using robotic voice over should be avoided. A low-quality video harms your marketing efforts since they never work for your e-commerce shop.

4.    A misleading call-to-action

It is essential to have a call-to-action on your explainer video, but most importantly it should be clear so that it does not confuse your visitors. Ensure you precisely tell them what you expect them to do once they are done watching the video. A call to action invites, encourage them to download or buy a product or have them subscribe to a service offered by your business. In your video, ensure the call to action button is placed in a visible location, e.g., next to the video.

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