Consider These Tips When Creating an Explainer Video

Consider These Tips When Creating an Explainer Video

Online merchants understand the power of marketing a site.  It is only when a site is adequately marketed that one can start ripping profits. One form of marketing is through the use of explainer videos. These videos are generally short, up to 90 seconds maximum each and explain about the company or products and services. They have been hyped over the recent past since they are more effective than SEO and other marketing tools that have been in use over the years. Another benefit of these videos is that they are pocket-friendly and now, even startups can use them to explain to their visitors what they do.

For a business to realize the video’s benefits, they need to create a professional video.  There are rules used to create these videos and violating even a single rule harms the effectiveness of the video. Always consider the following tips when creating your next explainer video.

1.    The length of maximum 90 seconds

Be sure to make the video short due to the low concentration span of an average internet user. A useful explainer video needs to be 90 seconds maximum. This means that your script needs to be free from fluff. Avoid explaining the achievements of your site or its history in the video. Be sure to only concentrate on the main points. Your video needs to focus on three main points, your products or services, the type of your company and the problem that you are here to solve.

2.     Should be fun

You want to convey information that needs to resonate on your client’s mind. To achieve this, ensure the message carries some humor so that it can entertain them without losing its intended information. It should contain some bits of surprise or a weird thing as this will more likely to stick and resonate on your audience minds. Customers are more likely to connect with your products and services if the video content is fun. Make them smile a bit as a happy viewer is likely to purchase or subscribe to your services.

3.    Solve a problem

Online users are in constant search of a solution for a problem. Therefore, ensure your explainer video states the problem and also states how it will solve the problem. Demonstrate to them how capable you are in solving the problem better than your competitors because after all, that is why you are here. This is the only chance you have to inspire confidence in them.

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