How to Make Funny Explainer Videos: Top Tips and Tricks to Follow


People avoid explainer videos that sound boring and complicated! Read and discover how to make funny explainer videos!

Adding humor to your videos can reduce the boredom and motivate viewers to watch the video from beginning to end. If you thought that adding humor to your videos is not a good idea, think again as you are making a big mistake.

Just think about it, how many time you have watched a video and you have said - Wow, what a funny video, I will watch it again. This is something that surely must have happened to you as to anyone reading this article. This is how our human brain works and let’s face it people love to watch funny and interesting explainer videos rather than complicated and boring videos full of information and details.

If you think that you can’t make a funny explainer video, don’t worry as we are here to help you out! In this article, we are going to present you a few great tips and tricks that will help you make funny explainer videos:

  • Start your explainer video with a funny anecdote and move on to the point right away. You shouldn’t place too much emphasis on the jokes or the viewers won’t take you seriously. Start with one joke and leave some humor for the end of the video, after all, you are probably making your explainer video for presenting your brand, your new products or services and you don’t want to sound like a comedian. For more information on how to make the best of your explainer video, click here.
  • Be strategic – When planning you explainer video and writing your script you need to be strategic and add humor at the points where you think you should really grab the attention of the viewers and your potential customers. You need to find the best place to add humor so it complements the information or the message of your video by engaging the future buyers.
  • Make sure to compare – It is a perfect idea to use comparison as a strategy for adding humor to video script writing. You can compare your business to another, making it as funny as possible.
  • Use it smartly and appropriately – Sometimes, a video doesn’t need funny anecdotes and humor. In such cases, it is much better to keep a serious tone and not adding jokes that will sound inappropriately. Keep in mind that if you aren’t using the humor in the right way, that would affect your brand’s credibility and corporate image in a negative way.
  • Don’t be sarcastic – Being funny does not mean that you have to be sarcastic as there are people who won’t understand what are you trying to say. Most people don’t take sympathetic you or your business and if you come off as not serious and sarcastic they will probably never purchase your products or services.
  • Focus on the message you want to share with your viewers _ The message you want to share with your viewers is the most important part of the explainer video. When making the explainer video, you should make sure that the humor is not putting a shadow on the actual message.

  • Watch, understand, observe, and use: A very smart thing you could do is to watch over business’ videos and check out how they use humor in their own videos. By doing so, you can pick up some interesting ideas for adding humor to your own videos.

Make sure to keep in mind all of these great tips and tricks and you will be on the way to making the best and funniest explainer videos!


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